Autosan S.A. is a Polish bus manufacturer based in the town of Sanok in Poland. They were founded in 1836, but only entered the bus and coach market in 1926. Currently, Autosan produce around three hundred buses per year and are Poland's largest bus manufacturer.

Bankruptcy and aftermathEdit

In 2013, Autosan were declared bankrupt by the Polish courts after several months of money problems. The company had been struggling so much that they had been unable to pay all of the employees' wages, and some workers went unpaid for months. Following the bankruptcy announcement, Autosan workers went on strike and picketed outside the factory alongside Polish trade unions. Several shares were sold which improved the financial health of Autosan, although some employees have still not been refunded. Production of Autosan buses continues unaffected regardless of the payment crisis that the company is facing.




  • A0808MN
  • Cezar
  • Kleks
  • Medium
  • Melon
  • San
  • Sanman
  • Scamp / A0909L
  • Towos
  • Trafic
  • Traper
  • Urwis
  • Wetlina
  • Zaczek